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How to Trouble-shoot Water Pump

We test every water pump before it ships out. If your water pump suddenly stops pumping, or pumps less water, it is most likely due to a clogged filter. The filter stops hair and other debris from getting into the pump. But a clogged filter chokes off water too. It needs periodic cleaning.

The filter is mounted directly on the pump and is located on the suction side.
It has a removable cap (clear plastic), secured to the filter housing by (2) tabs.

Use both hands, squeeze the tabs, and in the mean time, lift the cap up.

The stainless steel mesh screen under the cap is now exposed.
Remove hair and other debris on the mesh screen.

Reverse the procedure and install the cap back into the filter housing.

It's critical that the filter goes all the way in until it snaps in place. Failure to do so would leave a gap at the bottom to allow debris to flow into the pump.

If cleaning the filter doesn't solve the problem, which is very rare, it's safe to assume that some debris got into the pump and needs to be removed from the valve plate. The procedure is relatively simple. Success rate is 100%. Please contact us for more detail.

The bottom line is, as long as the pump motor is humming, its pressure can always be restored. Keeping the filter clean is the most important thing to do for the water pump, which could last for decades.