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How to Trouble-shoot Water Pump

If your water pump is losing efficiency - pumping less water or not pumping at all, you can follow the following steps to trouble-shoot the problem.

The first thing to do is to turn the pump on in dry condition, and put your finger tip at the discharge hose end. If you feel air coming out, then your pump is actually working. The problem is mostly likely due to either a clogged water filter or air-leaks from improper connections.

Clean your filter if you haven't done so recently. The filter is a crucial component in the waste water system. Without it, the pump will be clogged quickly by hair and other debris and stopped working. Here's how to do it:

The filter is mounted directly on the pump and is located on the suction side.
It has a removable cap (clear plastic), secured to the filter housing by (2) tabs.

Use both hands, squeeze the tabs, and in the mean time, lift the cap up.

The stainless steel mesh screen under the cap is now exposed.
Remove hair and other debris on the mesh screen.

Reverse the procedure and install the cap back into the filter housing.
But before you snap the cap back in place, make sure no debris is left on the O-ring and the filter housing so that they become air-tight.

If cleaning the filter doesn't solve the problem, you need to check for air leaks from loose connections.

If air leaks in, air, not water, will come out first because air has less resistance than water. There are (4) places where air-leak could occur: All connections are snaps - you don't need any tool to disconnect or reconnect them. Each connection has a rubber O-ring to ensure air tightness. Take them apart, clean the O-rings and the seating, then re-connect properly.

Finally, if you have tried all the steps and your pump is still not working, contact us.