liteshowerPortable, Wheelchair-accessible Shower Stalls

LiteShower™ Shower-in-bed Model
- Taking real shower bath in bed

For people permanently confined to bed (paralyzed, for example), sponge bath is usually the only bathing solution. Sponge bath never measures to a real shower bath. A real shower bath not only maintains general hygiene, reduces skin infection, and but also provides full-body relaxation.

The LiteShower™ Shower-in-bed allows any person to take a real shower bath in bed - without leaving the bed.

How it works:
  1. Generally roll the patient to one side of the bed
  2. Place the self-supporting and collapsible shower tray on the bed
  3. Generally roll the patient inside the shower tray.
    Tray collapse to less than 1-inch thick and bounces back automatically
  4. Put a pillow underneath the shower tray to raise patient's head position
  5. Connect a handheld shower to an indoor faucet with a single snap action.
    Control water temperature and flow at the faucet.
    Shower head has ON/OFF control button
  6. Bathe the patient
  7. Keep electrical water pump running during shower.
    Fix suction hose at bottom of shower tray.
    Dispose waster water into sink or toilet via discharge hose.
  8. Dry the shower tray and the patient
  9. Generally roll the patient out of the tray
  10. Remove the tray and fold it away
  11. Snap off the handheld shower from the faucet.
    your faucet goes back to normal use
Here is a breakdown of portable showers all the major compoments of LiteShower.
LiteShower Shower-in-bed Model

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Case Study

A Canadian long-term care facility is flooded. 25 bed-bound patients have to be evacuated to a temporary facility that has no shower. LiteShower shower-in-bed is chosen to provide a quick relief.