liteshowerPortable, Wheelchair-accessible Shower Stalls

LiteShower™ Tall Model
- General purpose indoor portable showers

Although the LiteShower™ Tall Model is wheelchair accessible, it is largely used as a general purpose portable shower, such as: The Tall Model is 6 feet tall and allows a person to stand up. The shower tray is 3' by 4'. In fact, the Tall model uses exactly the same tray as our Standard Model. The tray is wheelchair accessible.

The shower itself works exactly like the LiteShower Standard Model.

portable showersHere is a breakdown of all the major compoments of LiteShower.

Frequently, the shower head hose has to be extended. Please read How extend the shower hose. Or we can extend the hose for you for a fee.
LiteShower Tall Model

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